Delivery Information Form

Please help us in completing the below information to ensure the delivery installation and commissioning process of your new fitness equipment is completed in a timely and seamless manner.

Your assistance in completing the below questions will help our team plan for an effective delivery of your products.

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    Please answer the following questions with accurate information to ensure proper delivery and installation of Matrix & Johnson Equipment.
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    Is the site a business or residential site?

    Is the site a new construction or existing facility?

    What are the hours the site will be open for delivery?

    Can your street accommodate and park a 10 tonne truck?

    Is there a loading dock?

    Is this a ground level delivery?

    Is there a freight elevator available for delivery purposes?

    If double doors, can the centre post be removed?

    Are there dedicated (non-looped ground) electrical outlets installed?

    Are there cable jacks installed? (only necessary for cardio pieces with TV's)

    Please attach any images you think may be relevant or assist with D&I

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